Tigernut Meal Swallow – With OAT


Extra fine tigernuts pulp, after extraction of milk.

Psyllium husk (Binder)
With oat flour 
No sweet taste.
Stone free.

Low-carb traditional meal swallow

Also comes in Coconut and Unripe Plantain variations


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Extra fine Tigernuts pulp, oat flour with Psyllium Husk (Binder).

This pack gives 15 servings and each serving of 1/2 cup gives 11 grams of carbohydrate.

This is your Plant based local meal that is;

  • Low in Carbs.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Wheat Free.
  • Preservatives Free.
  • A healthy flour mix, perfect for morsel meals (traditionally known as swallows), baking and pancakes.

💛 No sweet taste.
💜 Made with Tigernut pulp.
💚 Stone free.
💜 Easily filling
💙 Delicious.
💚High in Fiber.
💜 Sperm health.
💙 Fertility.
💛Controls Blood Pressure.
❤ Source of Magnesium.
💜Rich in Protein.
💙Regulates blood sugar levels.
💛Great source of vit c & e.
💚Rich in healthy fats.
❤ Aids digestion. .

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