Did you know that humans are the only species that drink milk from another lactating species past the age of two?

Did you also know that 70% of the world is Lactose intolerant?

This is because after age 2, our bodies produces less and less of the enzyme Lactase that digests cows milk.

Right, I know we still need to have milk, despite this but there is a way to “take your milk and have it” without the bloating and discomfort you get after taking cow’s milk.

You also get to avoid the risk of drinking its inflammatory proteins and sometimes hormones which can cause much havoc by worsening acne, Diabetes and other diseases.

You already know this awesome alternative is Tigernut milk hold on a minute, let me convince you.

First, just 28 grams (1 ounce) of Tigernuts contain almost 300% of your daily Vitamin E requirement.
Look, Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants. It slows the aging process of your cells and clears your body of free radicals that are gotten from your daily exposure to air pollution, second hand smoking and U.V rays from the sun.

Vit. E is also a wonderful immune boosting vitamin that helps your body fight harmful organisms.

It doesn’t stop there, Tigernut milk is a rich source of iron.
Iron is an essential mineral. The major reason we need it is that it helps to transport oxygen throughout the body as an important component of hemoglobin.

Tigernut milk also contains Phosphorus, Magnesium and Zinc. These minerals are important many biochemical reactions in the body.

These vitamins and minerals are best gotten from food sources like tigernut milk.

What’s more important? Compared to your store bought milk alternatives, @tigernutsrepulic Tigernuts milk contain absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavours, fillers or ingredients.

You can enjoy @tigernutsrepublic Tigernuts milk as nutritous cow’s milk alternative in your beverages, cereals, or as a replacement in your recipes.

The most versatile for these purposes are Simply Tigernuts, Simply with ginger, Datey and Original.

What are your favourite ways to have our tigernuts milk? Paired with your cereal or beverage or Enjoyed alone?

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