Did you know that too much cow’s milk causes iron deficiency anemia in children?

That’s right.

A lot of mothers don’t know this. Infants and toddlers need Iron for proper development, iron is also important for carrying oxygen to every part of the body. That is why many baby foods are fortified with iron.

You may unknowingly be doing harm to your young child by giving them too much cow’s milk.

Here are the ways too much Cow’s milk causes Iron deficiency in children:

1) Microscopic intestinal blood loss is associated with Cows Milk consumption during infancy. This condition affects about 40% of otherwise healthy infants. Loss of iron in the form of blood diminishes with age and ceases after the age of 1 year. Ensure you only give modified formulas to infants.

2) Cow’s milk lacks iron, if it is a major part of your toddler/child’s diet, he/she may not be getting enough iron.

3) Cow’s milk protein- “casein” actually reduces the absorbtion of iron in the body.

Your child should not have more than 24 ounces (3 glasses) of cow’s milk per day (less is better).

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It contains lots of iron, and is a healthy source of fats for children.

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